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KCG Securities Asia Limited ("KCG Securities") is a participant of The Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEx) and a licensed corporation under the Hong Kong Securities & Futures Commission (SFC).

KCG has been granted the licenses of Type 1 Securities Dealing, Type 4 Advising on Securities, Type 6 Advising on Corporate Finance & Type 9 Asset Management. In order to provide our professional financial services to our customers in Securities Trading, Securities Margin Trading, Research on Equities, Advising on Corporate Finance, being a Financial Advisor, Asset Management and other professional financial services, KCG is experienced to provide the most qualified and satisfied professional financial services. KCG also has plentiful and solid business connections & resources in china.
Corporate structure:

PANG, Keng Chan, Managing Director of the firm. Since 2001, Mr Pang has engaged in Hong Kong and PRC dealing in corporate finance and securities trading business for more than fourteen years. Mr Pang had served a leading PRC securities firm as a Managing Director.
Corporate Finance:

KCG Securities Asia has established over the year enviable acclaim in the financial services business has expanded steadily and its services encompass financial consulting, mergers and acquisitions, underwriting rights issues, and more. It has propelled mainland Chinese enterprises on to the path of globalization and has attracted international funds into China.
Post IPO Services:
It is only the first step for private companies to go public. It is the availability of equity financing that makes the listing status to be attracting.

KCG Securities Asia gives valuable advices to our clients on restructuring, mergers and acquisitions to foster their growth
Company Nature KCG's role No. of shares issued (million) Funds Raised
(HK$ million)
Oriental Entertainment HK Stock Underwriter 75 67.5
Mudan Automobile H Share Underwriter 77 87.0
Ocean Grand Chemicals HK Stock Co-Manager 118.9 55.0
Goldigit HK Stock Sub-Underwriter 425 212.5
Netel HK Stock Sub-Underwriter 45.6 45.6
Kan Han HK Stock Sub-Underwriter 120 39.6
Company KCG's role No. of shares issued (million)
Shenzhen High Technology Sub-Underwriter 750
E-LIFE International Holdings Limited Placing-Agent 744 Limited Sub-Underwriter 600
South China Information Sub-Underwriter 500
CATIC International Sub-Underwriter 600
Guorun Holdings Limited Sub-Underwriter 100
Asia Resources Placing-Agent 248
Zida Computer Placing-Agent 16
Financial Advisory:
Company KCG's role Type of Transaction
E-Life International Financial Adviser Acquisition of Controlling stake
Shanghai Century Independent Financial Adviser Conditional Mandatory General Offer
E-Life International Financial Advisor Discloseble Transaction
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