1. How to open your stock transaction account with KCG Internet Securities Trading System?
  You need to fill in and sign "Customer Agreement" and "Risk Disclosure Disclaimer" and submit copies of your passport, travel pass or ID.

2. How to obtain "Customer Agreement", "Risk Disclosure Disclaimer" and other forms?
  You can go to KCG Securities (Asia) Ltd in person or enter our website to download.

3. Is there any deposit needed to open stock transaction account with KCG Internet Securities Exchange System?
  After verification your data, then you need to put some deposit into your account.

4. Is there any thing special to transact with KCG Online Securities Trading System?
  Before your buying instruction, there should be enough cash deposit in your account while before your selling instruction, you should deposit enough shares no less then the amount you wan to sell.

5. How to enter KCG Online Securities Trading System?
  You can enter our website, then click "Internet Transaction", enter your name and password, and then you got it.

6. How to send your transaction instruction through KCG Online Securities Trading System?
  After your entered our website, double click the "Newly updated offering and buying price", the system will fill in the data that you chose automatically and you just need to fill the amount. Through the "Transaction confirmation" to confirm your data then click "Send", transaction is done.

7. How to know your account balance?
  Double click "Account Balance", you will see your shares, amount, total value and balance. All the data is automatically updated. Accuracy guaranteed.

8. How to obtain transaction record?
  Double click "Transaction Record", you will see all the transaction record since opening day. You can find specific record according the date you choose.

9. How to obtain transaction instruction status?
  Double click Transaction Instruction Status, you will see data of every transaction such as "Under transaction", "Completed" and "Cancel". Click "Update", you can obtain the newly updated data.

10. How to deal with problem concerning stock exchange?
  For any inquiry concerning stock exchange, call your agent or directors at (852) 2842 1832.

11. Why can not display Chinese normally?
  If User can not display Chinese, please change the text encoding option to BIG5 in the browser.

12. Login error on online trading page?
  When there is "Login Error" display on the trading system, please re-login.

13. How to do if error happens in the internet trading system?
  Please call 852-28421822 for placing orders directly to our dealers.

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